Woodland Avenue
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Smiles Linens- 6129 Woodland Avenue

Smiles Linens, owned and operated by Bruce Zeiger, a longtime Southwest Philadelphia businessman and president of the Woodland Avenue Business Association, recently sponsored a matching grant of $500 for the Woodland Avenue Street Cleaning Project. We need several other businesses to step up and take him on that offer for us to continue cleaning the corridor regularly.

Be sure to visit Smiles, located at
6129 Woodland Avenue, for all your home linen needs. 215-726-3900.

Woodland Avenue

Woodland Avenue is the traditional commercial and neighborhood spine of Southwest Philadelphia, extending three miles from University City to the Philadelphia county border at Cobbs Creek. Woodland Avenue hosts a variety of land uses including residential row homes, neighborhood shopping stores, commercial and industrial uses, and a dense eight-block, Core Retail Area from 60th to 68th Streets. There are currently 179 retail businesses located along Woodland Avenue between 45th Street and Island Avenue. A few are scattered amidst housing and other uses, but most (132) are concentrated in the Core Retail Area.

WARP was created to improve the appearance of the avenue, the quality of goods sold, and to reduce the perception of crime with the goal of increasing the number of consumers. The Development Strategy for the Woodland Avenue Revitalization Project details 33 tasks designed to accomplish that goal. It also includes exciting renderings of what the Avenue can be with a few key improvements. More information on the WARP Plan can be viewed here.

This website sponsored by the Department of Community & Economic Development (DCED) and Southwest CDC's Woodland Avenue Redevelopment Project (WARP).

Visit www.southwestcdc.org for more information about our organization and redevelopment plans for Southwest Philadelphia.

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Storefront Improvement Program

This program is to help store owners renew their storefronts.  If you are interested in fixing up you worn down storefronts and would like to have it at half the cost, then Southwest CDC can help you out.  We are currently working on twenty projects on the corridor.  For more information and if you are interested in signing up, contact Page Huey, Project Manager, at 215.729.0729 or page@southwestcdc.org


Southwest CDC is partnering with Finanta to help business owners finance any new business ventures.  If you are a business owner and would like to particiapte in their micro loan program and be eligible for extra funds to make new business investments, Finanta can help.  For more information contact

Page Huey, Project Manager, at 215.729.0729 or

by email at page@southwestcdc.org